Acupuncture and Shiatsu Treatment

from Hiroshi TAMURA


Japanese Authentic Shiatsu therapy and

TCM Acupuncture with KOKORO

 in Amsterdam and South-Limburg

  ("KOKORO" means "Heart" in Japanese)


Stimulation of your healing system through Hiroshi TAMURA, born in Tokyo, Japan.


Since childhood my warm hands make people relaxed and give them a comfortable feeling.


After I studied Shiatsu in Europe and Japan, I found some differences in between the Shiatsu methods used in Europe and Japan.

Since 2014, starts TCM Acupuncture treatment.

Authentic Shiatsu is much more than a massage technique.

Authentic Shiatsu has a whole Japanese (Oriental) philosophy behind it.

My own culture influenced my personality the way I think and behave.


As grown up in Tokyo, I am used to live and sit (Seiza: sit on the knee) on the TATAMI-mat,

bow the head to express respect for people,

play martial art to learn to keep inner peace. 


To create each treatment, I use my original Japanese sense and spirits through my warm hands.


Challenging in my treatment is:

  • To make you realize of your "BODY-MIND" imbalance
  • To create deep relaxation, I use only my hand. No use of other equipment
  • To correct your Autonomic nervous system imbalance through your most weak points on your body
  • To correct body posture
  • To release your actual and potential stress


How you may feel:

  • Deep physical and mental relaxed (comfortable) feeling by stable pressure
  • Calm down to release potential tension
  • Falling a sleep during the treatment
  • Lighter, warm, released body/mind feeling after the treatment
  • The cause of a symptom or a complain doesn稚 come from only one part of your body. It comes from your whole body imbalance


ZENJOY  in two places : Amsterdam / South Limburg


Zenjoy South Limburg


CFF (Centrum voor Fysiotherapie en Fysiotraning)

(in the Buitenveldert area)

New practice address from July 2014

(the same street, 3 houses down the street.)


Marquette  44  

1081 AH  Amsterdam



The map is Here to click

Paid Parking.

only with appointment, Please contact first.




Please contact first, only with appointment.

Free parking 


For appointments

please contact directly to Zenjoy



Cost:   Euro 73    / 60 min

        From 01/01/2020  


For your treatment please bring :

thin clothes such as  sports/yoga wear ( cotton is best, No Jeans!! )  

and a big towel.


Zenjoy is a member of professinal organisetions:


  ZHONG   (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde)          www.zhong.nl  


If you have an additional insurance, you may be able to declare a part of the treatment cost from your health insurance.

It depends on the kind of insurance you have. Please check your own insurance conditions.

You can see the insurance company list from site .  Here to click



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